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Robert Irving Burns

Five Ways To Adapt Your Office to a Socially Distanced World

May 4, 2020    |   Panny Antoniou

With social distancing measures likely to still be in place when offices reopen, we look at some of the ways businesses can minimise transmission risk.

  1. Provide hand sanitiser stations at all entrances and exists.

This one is fairly self-explanatory, the cleaner your hands are once you enter the building, the less likely you are to transmit COVID-19. In addition, this will also help if you have any guests in your office, ensuring that they do not spread the virus into your premises.

  1. Colour coded carpets or floor markings.

These will be useful to help ensure social distancing measures ensuring that people know the correct distance which they should stay apart. This will make it easier to have people working in the same office as it minimises the risk of them inadvertently getting too close to each other.

  1. A rota system for workers.

Most offices do not have enough space for all employees to be in the building and at their desks at the same time while also following social distancing measures. The best predictions state that there will be a reduction in office capacity of up 66% in many businesses meaning that a rota system will need to be implemented to ensure social distancing is enforced throughout.

  1. Tracking visitors and staff movement.

As mentioned above, if your office has regular visitors you will be more at risk of your office becoming a breeding ground for Coronavirus. Your employees may also transmit the virus if they do not follow proper social distancing procedure. It is therefore important to track all entries and exits into the office so you can trace contact and origin of any viral outbreak as best as possible and minimise the risk of this occurring.

  1. Reduce contact surfaces

If the budget is available, and your lease allows it, it may be worth investing in automatic doors. This will reduce contact on commonly touched surfaces which serve as vectors for the virus such as door handles. Other ways you can reduce contact is by leaving interior doors open and regularly cleaning work stations. In addition, a temporary paper desk mat which is replaced regularly can prevent the virus festering on hard surfaces for a long period of time.

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