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Robert Irving Burns

Five Reasons why Self Contained Offices are Perfect for Your Business

November 22, 2019    |   Panny Antoniou

With WeWork having significant problems since their recent IPO, we are seeing more and more office occupiers looking to self-contained offices as an alternative to serviced office space.

Here are some of the advantages of self-contained offices when compared to serviced office space:

Corporate Identity

One of the main issues many of our applicants have found with serviced office space is the lack of a clear corporate identity for their company when occupying someone else’s space. It can be difficult to differentiate your company from all the other firms using the same space when you cannot put your own stamp on the space you are occupying.

True flexibility

Want to move a desk? No problem. Want a bigger breakout area? The choice is yours! When the space you are letting is exclusively for you and your company, you have a wide range of options and can change the space as the individual needs for your business adapt and change. A space which morphs and changes to meet changing needs is one of the main advantages of having your own office with no major interferences from another leaseholder.

Privacy and Peace of Mind

A lot of businesses based in serviced office space have told us about the lack of privacy which their business has when having to share space with other companies. With issues ranging from the difficulty of protecting confidential information, to the difficulty of team member retention when surrounded by other workplace opportunities, many businesses have found they have suffered since moving into serviced offices. A self contained office removes these issues, allowing you to focus on the task at hand – growing and expanding your business and providing an excellent service to your clients.

Room to expand

This growth and expansion mentioned above is even easier when in your own offices. When letting a space, you are able to take a far larger space than you need at that exact time which reflects the future expansion plans which you might have for your business. You have the ability to take the space which you aspire to today which fits your plans for tomorrow! This has the added benefit of focussing minds and showing your team the ambitions which you have for your company in a way which taking up serviced office space does not.


One of the most important things for any business to consider – is it affordable and does it provide good value for money? When comparing serviced office space to self contained offices, one option invariably comes out on top. With no service charge to pay for space which is used solely by you, self contained offices have far lower costs than the equivalent serviced office space. This saving is valuable for any business looking to expand and improve, especially when doing business in the highly competitive Central London Market.

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