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Robert Irving Burns

Development Sales

If you’re looking to sell a property development in London, the RIB team can help. We have extensive experience in helping investors sell their new developments, advising them at each stage of the process.

Developing a property in London can be a lucrative endeavour. In order to maximise profits (and reduce stress), it makes sense to work with the right people.

Our team are here to support your property development, from start to finish. We offer advice at the beginning of the project, providing insight into aspects like design, building regulations and more. We’re also there at the end, marketing your property and ensuring it sells for the right price.

Areas we specialise in

We’re situated in Central London, and cover  all Prime London areas.

Thanks to our years of experience in the industry, we can offer insight into the local market, and make recommendations on how to approach your development to ensure a good ROI.

The benefits of property development

  • Developing a competitively priced property usually results in a profitable, swift return
  • You have total control over the project, and can tailor the development to suit your target audience
  • If necessary, you can reduce costs by undertaking certain aspects of the work yourself
  • By working with the right estate agency, you’ll be able to upscale your development business in the future, if you want to

Why work with RIB ?

RIB have years of experience helping property developers in Central London and have a formidable reputation in the industry. Here are a few other reasons why it’s worthwhile working with us.

  • We have knowledge of the local area and the market, and can advise on where to invest
  • We have insight into the types of property that generate the biggest ROI, thanks to our work with other developers
  • Our industry connections may result in savings throughout your project
  • We’ll market and sell the development on your behalf

Developing land and property in London

When you work with us, you’ll benefit from our assistance at every stage of the development. This includes:

  • Exploring your development options, and identifying what properties best suit your needs
  • Advising you on your entitlements, and ensuring that your development adheres to current laws and regulations
  • Project management
  • Specialist advice where needed (e.g. for social housing)
  • Support with project funding / budgeting

We work with a variety of clients, covering everything from small-scale developments to large residential projects. Our approach is always tailored to your exact requirements, and designed to generate the best possible results.

Selling in London

Our first priority is to provide you with an accurate valuation. The development needs to be financially viable, and we focus on establishing this right from the start. We also assist with:

  • Marketing / advertising
  • Connecting you with a database of interested buyers
  • The legal and transactional aspects of the sale

Whether you’re developing a mixed-use building or a new-build home, we can help. To find out more, get in touch with us today on the contact details below.

Property Investment

For more information on our London property investment services please contact one of the below:

Board Director

Damien Field

Board Director

Damien Field

Looking to buy a new home?

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