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Robert Irving Burns

The Future is the Past: Why Primitive Architecture is Making a Comeback

August 9, 2017    |   Panny Antoniou

Primal, functional, and ancient. The designs of the past are making a comeback inspired by the technology of today.

Old styles of interior design such as reclaimed timber, steel lined factory-style windows, and exposed brickwork are making a comeback. There are accompanied by modern housing developments such as underfloor heating and floor to ceiling doors. Known as vernacular architecture, these new developments in design create a very distinctive aesthetic, looking both classy and understated.

In addition, the recent popularity of reclaimed timbers is advantageous to the environment. This is because it makes use of materials which would otherwise be wasted, reducing the design’s carbon footprint. With the recent focus on reducing the effect which humans have on the environment, such innovative ideas which combine old materials with new, energy efficient technology reduce environmental impact and will remain timeless.

This style of architecture has been pioneered by many minimalist architects who use the materials which they find around them to create original and inspiring pieces of design. One notable architect who is well known for his minimalist and functional designs is Peter Zumthor. He is a Swiss architect whose clean, functional designs have inspired many other firms and individuals to create similar designs.

One firm which has led the way in these innovative, minimalist designs is Hut Architecture. Their trailblazing designs of everything from homes and offices, to Pilates studios and gyms make them leaders in the design market.

Here at Robert Irving Burns, we are fortunate enough to have a property on the market which has been designed by these innovators, if you would like to make this fantastic piece of design your new home, do not hesitate to contact us!

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