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Robert Irving Burns

A History of Queen’s College London

July 24, 2018    |   Panny Antoniou

Located on Harley Street in Marylebone, Queen’s College London is an independent girls school.

Queen’s College was founded in 1848 by the theologian and author Frederick Denison Maurice who was a Professor of English Literature and History at King’s College London. The school was granted a Royal Charter in 1853 for the furtherance of women’s education. Since then, the college patron has been a British queen, with the current patron of course being Queen Elizabeth II.

In addition, the institution also has the distinction of being the first institution ever to award academic qualifications for women, having been founded at a time where women’s opportunities for study and advancement were limited. As a result of this, Queen’s College London soon became a pioneer in women’s emancipation as well as the study of music for women under composers John Pyke Hullah, and William Sterndale Bennett. At the time, the founder of the school was forced to defend teaching women mathematics due to claims of the dangerous consequences this would have.

The college has always been located on Harley Street, long before the road was known as the centre of London’s medical profession. Today Queen’s College occupies four adjacent buildings on the street, numbered 43-49 three of which have Georgian facades. By contrast, number 49 which is known as Kynaston House was built in the Art Nouveau style during the early 20th Century.

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