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Three Reasons Why a Mews House Should be Your New Home

April 11, 2019    |   Panny Antoniou

A mews is a small street, yard, or cul-de-sac, often cobbled and usually built behind some of London’s most famous streets and squares.

Not originally intended as houses, most mews houses started life as stables for the horses and carriages of the landed gentry with rooms above for stable boys. It was not until the early 20th Century when cars became more common and space in Central London became scarce that developers started to see the potential which mews houses had.

Mews houses are incredibly common in large parts of Central London including areas as varied as Marylebone, Fitzrovia, Paddington, Mayfair, Kensington, Bloomsbury, Knightsbridge, Bayswater, Notting Hill, Pimlico, and Holland Park. This article looks at the advantages of a mews house and why you should consider living in one.


Even within the same small cobbled mews, there is a wide range of different layouts and designs amongst the houses. Many still retain the garages which originally had horses, others have incorporated this space into the home. Indeed, many keep the garage doors but lay new flooring and decorate the garage, using it as an extra room. This flexibility means that people living in mews houses have a wide range of options on how they use their space which people living in more conventional homes may not have.


One of the most important factors which makes mews houses so popular and desirable is their location. Very often, mews houses are located in some of London’s most desirable districts and behind some of the most sought after and famous streets. In addition, the location of these houses on a mews street which is often also a cul-de-sac means that homes on the street benefit from peace and tranquillity whilst still being in the centre of a bustling city. In addition, being on a quiet street which not many people go on means that mews houses usually have ample parking with the houses which still have garages additionally benefiting from off street parking.

Community Spirit:

One of the major perks of living on such quiet cobbled streets is the community spirit. Whilst most mews houses lack large gardens, they more than make up for this with residents heavily making use of the quiet streets with not many cars. Residents often comment on the village like atmosphere, devoid of the usual anonymity which often comes with living in a big city. Garden availability and atmosphere vary depending on the street, however there is usually a closeness with your neighbours through use of the communal mews which does not always exist in Central London.

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