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Robert Irving Burns

Four Things You Can do to Help Let Your Home in a Crowded Market

August 11, 2020    |   Panny Antoniou

Since the reopening of the market after lockdown, there has been a large amount of housing stock – accumulated from several months of closure – coming to the market. This means that there is more choice for tenants than ever.

As a result, it is important to ensure that your property stands out in such a market with all properties being in their best possible condition to maximise viewings and rental value. This article outlines some of the steps you could take in order to help let your property in a tenant’s market.

  1. Offer High Speed WiFi

With many people still working from home and unable to go back to the office or back onto university campuses in the foreseeable future, it is even more important to ensure that any property benefits from high speed fibreoptic broadband. This has become a major need for tenants and can often result in improved offers for a property.

  1. Update blinds and lighting

One thing which has always been important when looking for a new home is the lighting in the property. Natural light is particularly sought after when looking for a new home, however, good artificial lighting is also very important. If your blinds or curtains let too much light in at night or cover too much of the window in the day, they will not be as popular with tenants. In addition, if all areas of the home are not bright enough with artificial light, this will also be unpopular with tenants.

  1. Double Glazing

If you do not yet have double glazing installed, it is important to install this in any home you are looking to let. It increases energy efficiency and reduces the noise from the street outside. This is especially important in areas where there is significant construction or building works or where there is a large amount of traffic or a train line which could cause noise pollution.

  1. Furnishings:

In a market with an abundance of rental properties, it is important that your property is well furnished and according to the needs and specifications of any prospective tenants and that any dated or worn furniture is not included if you want to maximise the rental value of your property.

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