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Cycle Facilities Important Amenity for New London Developments

June 5, 2020    |   Panny Antoniou

With the government encouraging a return to work and discouraging the use of public transport, cycle facilities are likely to become an important amenity in the future.

There has been a significant focus on increasing the number of cycle lanes in the capital and in encouraging more people to cycle to work with the TfL bike rental scheme proving a fantastic success. This cycling trend has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic with more people than ever getting on their bike in order to avoid public transport. This has also had a positive effect on the environment with increased air quality as a result of fewer people being in their cars or taking public transport.

There are also significant plans to create new cycle lanes in London as well as making existing cycle lanes bigger. There are also plans to create new cycle super highways and pedestrianize many streets, making them safer for cyclists. This will have the effect of increasing London’s capacity for cyclists on the road as well as encouraging others who may not have considered cycling as their primary mode of transport to get on their bikes!

With all these factors, we predict that cycle storage facilities will become an increasingly important new amenity in the provision of new homes in London. More and more residents will be cycling and therefore more and more residents will want a space to park their bike within the development. Many larger developments could also consider working with TfL or another bike rental company to include bike rental facilities on site and increase their provision for cycling.


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