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Drawing from our years of experience within the area, we have a fantastic range of office space in Clerkenwell suitable to all business types and sizes.


Once affectionately named London’s “Little Italy” in the 1850s, Clerkenwell has been a fashionable and much sought-after area since the 17th Century. Now the area has a vibrant, independent atmosphere. Locals celebrate the lack of high street chains, preferring to visit independent boutiques, and eateries. Clerkenwell bucks the trend and dares to be a little different.

Clerkenwell sits in the hub of London’s design scene. The streets are littered with studios, furniture shops, and pop-up shops. With everything from Vietnamese and Thai, to cosy British gastropubs and Whitecross Market, Clerkenwell is a foodie’s dream.

The quirky atmosphere of the area is reflected in the architecture; exposed bricks and wooden beams give the offices in Clerkenwell a distinctive beauty and provide the district with bucket-loads of charm and character.

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Offices to Rent in Clerkenwell

The office space in Clerkenwell fits perfectly with the area’s unique style. Clerkenwell is well known for its converted Victorian warehouses, dripping with charm and character, making them the ideal office rental. In the heart of Clerkenwell, open-plan loft spaces and vast showrooms are occupied by the creative sector.

Many of the offices available to rent in Clerkenwell offer an abundance of natural light and modern, innovative designs for a surprisingly affordable cost. This makes renting office space in Clerkenwell great for creative start-ups without a lot of capital.

Affordable, contemporary office space which stimulate creativity and imagination lure the city’s brightest young design talent to Clerkenwell, and the area’s electric atmosphere and charm keep them there.

We are sure that our team will help you find the ideal office space in Clerkenwell to suit your business needs.

For more information on the offices we have available to rent in Clerkenwell or for any other enquiries, please contact Elliot Simmons on 020 7927 6339 or email or Damien Field on 020 7927 0620; email