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Robert Irving Burns


In every market, accurate pricing for asset, tax or loan purposes is vital and our property valuation service is underpinned by expert-level knowledge of both the central London commercial and residential property markets and a clear and concise understanding of the relevant information.

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Professional valuation

A Professional valuation can assist an investor when looking at their investment strategy and to evaluate the rental yield they are receiving on a specific asset. Our professional management team at RIB carries out expert valuations on all types of rental properties in central London. Our team of specialist valuers is made up of fully qualified Chartered Surveyors who can advise on all aspects of property valuation. Each valuer also has expert knowledge of the London investment market.

As an investor who owns one or more properties in London, it is essential that you know how property values affect your assets when it comes to tax or loan purposes. Our aim is not to just tell you the basics but give you in-depth assistance that exceeds all professional and regulatory standards.

The areas that we excel in when it comes to accurate valuations for London-based investment properties are:

  • Sale & Purchase
  • Bank Finance
  • Balance Sheets
  • Capital Transfer Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Probate
  • National Non-Domestic Rating

The success of your investment depends greatly on getting clear and succinct advice and information in relation to your investment properties. The reputation that RIB has built up as one of London’s oldest and most respected property advisers is the reason why many investors choose us to carry out professional valuations on their properties.

We advise and give precise property valuations on all aspects of investment properties in London. This includes providing you with the market value of the property, the investment valuation, and insurable value for your property.

Our team of expert valuers has an exact and working knowledge of the current trends in the London property investment market. We are here to guide you through each step of the sale and purchase process, making sure that your investment brings you the return you desire.


For further information to discuss your commercial or residential valuation requirements without obligation, please contact one of the below:

Board Director

Damien Field

Board Director

Damien Field