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Build To Rent

Investing in the Build to Rent sector can offer new investment opportunities for landlords and investors. Whether you’re just starting out or expanding your existing portfolio, a well-planned and managed interest in BTR can deliver steady investment yields, year on year.

The RIB teamwork with landlords and investors, new and established, to provide the best BTR opportunities in prime Central London Locations.

What is Build to Rent?

Build to Rent involves property development that is designed specifically for long-term rentals. The term was first introduced back in 2012 during the transformation of Stratford’s East Village from athlete’s accommodation into private rentals after the Olympic Games. It’s still a relatively new and small market, although it is growing quickly, and there are thousands of new developments under construction or in planning, presenting a wealth of opportunities for investors over the coming years.

Benefits of Build to Rent for investors

  • Longer term tenancies (3 years or more in many cases)
  • High tenant demand across London
  • Landlords have full control over their asset
  • Long-term rental income and likely growth

Build to Rent is also good news for the local community. Many of the developments include workrooms and well-equipped gyms, along with roof terraces, games rooms, private cinemas and more, promoting more interaction and activity within the communities they house.

Is it worth investing in Build to Rent schemes?

The Build to Rent sector is rapidly growing, offering new housing solutions that could help to ease some of the issues created by the housing crisis. It delivers high-quality, modern accommodation in purpose-built blocks or developments, offering a wealth of benefits for landlords in London. RIB specialise in this sector and can help landlords and investors searching for an alternative letting opportunity.

More than £4 billion was invested in UK Build to Rent projects in 2021. With rent and house prices continuing to rise, Build to Rent appeals to investors and developers due to its long-term benefits. The combination of incoming rent and increasing asset value make Build to Rent schemes relatively low-risk, high-quality investments, that produce sustainable returns.

It is estimated that the UK needs to build between 230,000 and 300,000 new housing units per year, a level that has not been achieved since the late 1970s. Build to Rent developments offer the opportunity to deliver more housing and create better options for local communities.

Our professional build to rent services include residential sales, residential lettings,  property management, investments, rent reviews.