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Robert Irving Burns

Inverness Street is Camden Market’s Gem

December 20, 2017    |   Panny Antoniou

Camden Market is one of London’s biggest attractions and welcomes over 250,000 visitors per week.

There are six distinct markets which all form part of Camden Market. Camden Lock Market is one of the most well-known markets in the area, they sell a lot of street food and crafts with market stalls by Regents Canal and surrounding buildings. The area was once home to warehouses until the 1970s due to the construction of a motorway which meant that trading goods via the canal was no longer viable.

As a result of this, the area became home to a number of new market stalls which have since become a staple part of Camden life. Stables Market is another market in Camden which is based in the former Pickfords Stables and the Grade II listed horse hospital. This market sells similar wares to Camden Lock Market but also specialises in selling items for the alternative subcultures which Camden is famous for. These include items of clothing and pieces of art for subcultures including goths, Emos, cybergoths, and followers of Steampunk fashion.

Camden Lock Village is another market which forms part of the greater Camden Market which was closed in 2015 due to the redevelopment of the area into Hawley Wharf, a brand new 580,000 sq. ft mixed use redevelopment in the heart of Camden. Buck Street Market is another market in the area which focusses primarily on clothes and the sign at the entrance of the market reads ‘The Camden Market’, much to stallholders in other market’s chagrin. The Electric Ballroom nightclub also forms part of Camden Market during the day and specialises in independent dealers and designers selling unusual and unique items.

The vibrant and dynamic market on Inverness Street was once well known for being the home of fresh produce, including fruit and vegetables in Camden. It is the oldest of the markets in Camden and has a proud history, having been on the site for over a century. Today Inverness Street Market is far more similar to the other markets in the area, featuring a number of street food stalls and boutique fashion stores.

Camden also has fantastic transport links, with easy access to both branches of the Northern Line from Camden Town station. In addition, there is also access to the Overground to locations all over London from nearby Camden Road Station. Camden is also a transport hub for buses with close to 20 different bus routes with final destinations all over London located in the area.

With the Camden area being so vibrant, it is the perfect place for an office. Here at Robert Irving Burns, we are delighted to market a bright, modern space right in the heart of Inverness Street. Surrounded by Camden Market stalls and the lively nightlife which the area has to offer, this is the ideal place to base your offices.

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