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Robert Irving Burns

Eight Ways You Can Make Your House Look Brighter

April 28, 2020    |   Panny Antoniou

Due to COVID-19, we are all going outside much less than we were before the pandemic, therefore it has never been more important to have a bright home.

This is additionally important if you are looking to sell or let your home as good natural light and a bright home is a desirable trait for buyers. This article looks at a few of the ways you can make your house look brighter.

  1. A colourful rug:

A large, colourful, and prominent rug can help set a room off and make it seem much brighter. It also has the double effect of showing off your individual style and can help show off your other furniture too.

  1. Mirrors:

Having mirrors hanging in your room helps double the amount of sunshine in your room. This is because sunlight bounces off the mirrors and helps fill the room. There are a number of ways you can get this effect including hanging a number of mirrors to help brighten a dark staircase or by hanging a large mirror opposite the main source of natural light (usually the biggest window or a glass door) which helps the room look brighter

  1. Keep any garden space in order:

If your trees and bushes are too big and cover your windows, you will have no chance of creating a bright room. Ensure that all trees and bushes are neatly pruned and do not affect light getting to the window.

  1. Make use of metallics:

Metallic artwork, fixtures, and fittings help reflect light and make an otherwise dull space much brighter. In addition, this also has the effect of making a room feel more luxurious.

  1. Light wood floors:

Dark colours reflect light far worse than lighter ones so light wood floors may be better for making a room seem lighter. In addition, light wood floors show up scuffs and marks far less than darker flooring. This means that they are perfect for areas where there is a lot of walking such as corridors and living areas.

  1. Clean windows:

The dirtier your windows, the worse they reflect light. The less dust, dirt, and water marks on your windows, the more light they will let in. This is the single easiest way to get more natural light into your room.

  1. Think about your artwork:

Artwork is always a matter of personal preference and different people like different kinds of art. However, it is important to note the effect which artwork has on a room. You should be hanging darker pieces of artwork in rooms which are already quite bright and hanging lighter or more colourful pieces in rooms which may be lacking natural light.

  1. Matte walls:

Whilst this sounds counter intuitive, rooms where the wallpaper or paint has a high gloss do not actually help a room get good natural light. This is because of the glare which they create in a room. You are better off choosing more matte tones of paint which make a room brighter.

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