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Robert Irving Burns

Business Rates

This tax on properties has become hugely unpopular within the UK business community and is regarded as an unfairly high burden on small businesses, retailers and landlords with empty properties alike.

Business rates valuations are based, in most cases, on the estimated annual rental value of the property. This is subject however to a number of assumptions which can mean the resultant figure ends up very different to the current rental value of the property.

Business rates are governed by a vast array of legislation and case law is constantly changing the rules that apply. This makes it a complex subject and one where costly mistakes are easily made.

RIB has a number of specialist surveyors who have extensive experience both in London and across the UK in advising ratepayers on mitigating their rates liability. They can provide detailed advice and guidance on:

  • The accuracy of rateable values
  • Appealing rateable values
  • Empty Rates liabilities and mitigation schemes
  • Business Rates invoices and payment calculations
  • Eligibility for relief from rates on a temporary or permanent basis

Please contact one of the below for more information on our services and further advice on business rates or empty rates.