Commercial Property to Let in Soho

Soho in the 1980s was a world away from the vibrant city centre heartbeat that it is today. As well as now being world famous as an unmatched centre of both British and global television, theatre, and film operations, it is also a hub of the advertising industry. Small independent shops, lively restaurants and bars, and proximity to both Chinatown and Covent Garden, add much to the vibe that is modern-day Soho. It is also, increasingly, a vibrant location of choice for both state-of-the-art and more traditional offices and other commercial enterprises.

As a start-up site, an expansion of a current business, or to add another location to your business, our Robert Irving Burns team are ready to carefully match your specific needs to some superb commercial property to let opportunities in Soho. These can be provided with the expected features, such as private cloakrooms and bathrooms, and fitted kitchens. Taking the time to clearly understand the needs and purpose of your business, we’ll use the half a century and more of experience our company has gained to deliver the match you would demand. Our independent partnership, with its unmatched team of vastly experienced estate agents, is acknowledged as London’s leading commercial property letting company. This allows us to use our intimate commercial insight about Soho to fully meet your unique business requirements.

To talk to the real experts about today’s commercial property opportunities in Soho, please call RIB now on 0207 637 0821 and tell us exactly what you are looking for.

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