Here at Robert Irving Burns we have noticed that, despite concerns over Brexit and the associated risks, the London property market has remained busy.

Our experience has been mirrored by a recent survey which was conducted by London-based law firm CMS which found that 29% of respondents felt confident about the UK rea estate market. The respondents in the survey included estate agents, property developers, and investors controlling a combined £400bn in assets. Optimism in the UK property market has grown from just 14% at the same time last year with an additional decrease in the number of respondents who were pessimistic about the UK property market.

In the last survey, 63% of respondents answered that they were pessimistic about the UK property market compared to just 23% in the most recent survey. This rapid change in attitudes reflects the vibrancy of the UK property market and its continued resilience to external influences. This optimism is also reflected in the increased property investment in London which we have previously noted.

At Robert Irving Burns, we continue to be involved in a number of interesting deals with all manner of different clients, from large corporations and funds, to small business owners and home buyers. We offer a comprehensive service to our clients and are focussed around building long term relationships so you can be certain that the advice we offer is clear and impartial. To see what we can do for you as a client, or to find the property you need, visit us at our central London offices or our website.

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